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Until now guitar makers and players have paid careful attention to the tonal qualities of strings, pickups, wood and other electronic components -- all but ignoring the tonal characteristics of the specific type of metals used in their guitars.

A perfect example is the metal composition of bridge saddles. It is, after all, the saddles that directly receive the vibration of the strings – a key source of your guitar's sound.

Clarity, power & response

It can be a little startling when you first hear it, but Titanium gives your guitar a quicker response, overwhelmingly long sustain, and a clearer more precise sound -- far exceeding steel, brass or aluminum.

You’ll find that DeTemple Guitars™ Titanium saddles raise the efficiency and voice of your bridge by giving it more string-to-string definition, clarity and power.

More than just a tweak, Titanium is the ideal material for your electric guitar’s bridge saddles.

You'll Be Blown-Away!

For the discriminating player your choice is obvious – replace your old saddles with our new DeTemple Pure Titanium Bridge Saddles™ today.

Michael DeTemple says --

"Why Titanium? When it comes to guitars I have been a traditionalist for as long as I can remember. From repairing guitars for Ernie Ball at age 14 to the restoration and upkeep of some of the greatest player's instruments of today, I have always found tradition to be the greatest guideline in determining the best approach to any given problem. For me to decide to use a different saddle metal on a very traditional electric guitar such as a Strat®, Tele® or Les Paul is really a stretch. However, our test results with Titanium have been so impressive that I’ve been forced to change my mind.

"Here is a couple of examples to illustrate my point:

"Example #1 -- I had two near-identical low-end Strats® ($250.00 variety) in my shop that I set up as closely as possible to each other. On one guitar I installed Titanium saddles and the other was left with the stock saddles (the original parts). All other elements of the set-ups were the same including string gauge, action adjustment, neck angle, pick-up adjustment, etc. I also did a fret dress so that the strings could vibrate as freely as possible. Both guitars were tested through a blackface Pro Reverb® with JBL D120 speakers at a moderate volume (the amp played this way is very clean and pristine sounding).

"The result was a significant tone difference between the two – and I was extremely impressed. On the Titanium saddled guitar the definition from string-to-string and clarity was improved dramatically. There was a greater sustain and the decay was lessened. The overall performance coming from the guitar with the Titanium saddles was markedly improved.

"Example #2 -- you are probably aware of the caliber of guitars I build. My guitars are extremely articulate in their response and defined in their tonality.

"Although I was expecting to hear some improvement when the Titanium saddles were installed on one of my DeTemple '56 guitars, I was not ready for what I heard. Installing these new saddles on a guitar that has the ability to really hear the difference is incredible. Where the tone and response was raised a solid notch on the lower-end guitars the difference on my guitar was increased three fold. I found that the string seemed to be vibrating with more power and the notes just kept 'going and going and going.'

"As a result of these and numerous other experiments I am recommending that the Titanium saddles be installed on all DeTemple guitars in the future. They are on my personal guitar and they are staying there.

"Try 'em, you’ll like 'em."

If You have Acidic Hands...

If you are a player who suffers from a condition known as "acidic hands" (where sweat causes almost immediate corrosion to the metal parts of the guitar) then our Titanium saddles may be your answer. Titanium is used extensively throughout the medical industry as surgical instruments, bone implants, etc., because of its corrosion-resistant properties. This quality will prevent (or at least slow down) the rapid deterioration of your bridge saddles.