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For your wife it's Tiffany's... for you it's El Dorado!
Bill Silverman, owner of El Dorado Guitar Accessories: "Back in 1991, I was fortunate to acquire a beautiful sunburst '69 Tele Thinline. To compliment this special instrument I envisioned an equally beautiful hand-tooled leather guitar strap. Confident that I could find such a strap, I headed down to my local guitar store... and then spent the next six years searching for one, never finding anything remotely close to what I had in mind. Finally I resolved if I couldn't find such a strap that I'd make them: so began El Dorado Guitar Accessories. Our skilled craftsmen, in the tradition of leatherworking methods of fine saddlemaking, using quality leather and materials, create truly unique products worthy of the finest instruments. If you have been searching for the perfect strap or accessory for your prized guitar, welcome to El Dorado."
  Plain Model Guitar Straps
Beautifully Simple... Simply Beautiful
  Hand-Tooled Guitar Straps
The fine art of hand-tooled Western leatherwork
and hand engraved metalwork.
El Dorado's Plain model guitar straps are designed for the guitarist looking for all the quality, durability, and comfort of a fine hand-tooled strap, but in a "dressed down" version. As with all El Dorado's guitar straps, these styles are fashioned from sturdy top-grade stitched saddle leather. The shoulder pads are backed in plush sheepskin shearling, for unsurpassed comfort even with the heaviest instrument. The buckle work is solid cast stainless steel. Only the highest grade veg-tanned saddle leather is utilized.

Shoulder pads are backed with genuine sheepskin shearling and 3-1/2" wide (also backed with genuine sheepskin shearling). Buckle work is solid cast stainless steel. Shoulder pads are 3-1/2" wide, backed with genuine sheepskin shearling.


All El Dorado guitar straps are handcrafted in the traditional methods of fine saddle making. Only the highest grade veg-tanned saddle leather is utilized to assure strength, beauty and durability. With age and use the leather quickly "breaks-in" and becomes more supple, just like a top quality saddle or a fine pair of cowboy boots.

El Dorado's straps are meticulously hand-tooled in traditional Western motifs by leather artisans with decades of experience. Each is an individual and unique work of craftsmanship.

Hand-tooled leather models are available in choice of "Acorn & Oak Leaf" or "Flower & Leaf" tooling patterns.

The designs date back to late 19th century Western leatherwork, used extensively in decoration of saddles, saddlebags, belts and holsters.

Shoulder pads are tooled in traditional "basket weave" pattern, backed with genuine sheepskin shearling. Buckle, loop, & tip are crafted in solid nickel-silver, hand-engraved, finished in sterling.


These straps glow with an aged vibe, looking and feeling like a well-worn and well-loved veteran of hundreds of gigs and countless years of use. Constructed of special pre-aged antique leather. The perfect strap for your guitar. Straps are 2-1/4 width, tapering to 1" width with an adjustment buckle. No other color variations are available at this time.

Designed especially to the specifications of a legendary guitarist. Extra-wide lavishly hand-tooled leather, backed with dense genuine sheepskin shearling for maximum comfort. Strap narrows to 1" in rear, with adjustment using our hand-engraved nickel-silver buckle set.

Using select portions of hair-on cowhide, and cut to maximize the color and markings of each hide, El Dorado's "Maverick" model straps add a unique look to any guitar. Straps are 2-1/4" width, tapering in the back with adjustment buckle.



Available in the following sizes:

  • Original Width -- 1-1/2" wide strap with 3-1/2" shoulder pad
  • Vintage Width -- 1" wide strap with 3" shoulder pad
  • Relic Width -- 2-1/4" tapering to 1" width
  • "Supernatural" Width -- "superwide" narrowing to 1" in the rear.
  • "Maverick" Width -- 2-1/4 tapering to 1" width
  • Small -- adjustable from 40"-46"
  • Medium / Large -- adjustable from 45"-51"
  • XL (50"-56") & XXL (55"-61") -- additional $10.00
  • Plain strap color option - Black
  • Plain strap color option - Brown
  • Plain strap color option - Tan



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